Sheila Wolff is an artist who lives and works in Boca Raton, Florida. Always an art appreciator, she became a serious art student when she was lucky enough to meet her future mentor, John Frederick Murray, in 1986. At the time, Mr. Murray gave classes at his private studio in Rockville Center, NY. He firmly grounded his students in the drawing and painting principles he had learned while studying with Frank Reilly at NY's Art Student's League. With him, Sheila studied 'the art of learning art' and continues to explore and feed her creativity today.

When she moved from NY to Florida in 1990, Sheila began taking workshops with other artists whose work she admires. These artists include Nelson Shanks, Daniel Greene, Morgan Samuel Price, Jim Wilcox, and the former director of the Cape Cod School of Art: Lois Griffel.Sheila is also a huge fan of art instruction videos, and appreciates the ability to 'study with' many of today's top artists in this way.

While continuing her self study and workshop participation, Sheila enjoys painting portraits, figures and still lifes in her Boca Raton studio. She particularly enjoys painting outdoors, and several of her plein-air sketches are displayed on this website. Her work appears in many private collections, and she accepts commissions in portraiture, still-life, and landscape. 2011